Thursday, 28 September 2017

Dry is an adjective that was forsaken today, as the sky decided to drench us all around the day! While making the tours a bit less comfortable, the rain did not harm at all our prospects of whale watching! We got to meet two individuals of humpback whales at the same spot than yesterday! We found Harley Dafinson, that recently had his/her new entry in our catalogue, and King Louis, that we know from last year. Haarley was the most energetic one, displaying a fantastic tail lob on several occasions! So in the end, despite the weather we had a great time, and the overalls we have on board obviously played a big part in that. Let it be known that Eyjafjordur's wonders are still breathtaking in rainy conditions!

Pictures by Anna Gunnarsdòttir, text by Guillaume Calcagni