Thursday, 2 March 2017


Whale Watching 15:00

It was a beautiful sunny day as we set sail into the fjord, the landscape was covered in a thick layer of snow making the fjord very picturesque. It was a bit chilly due to the northerly winds and frosty landscape, but the passengers didn´t seem to mind in the slightest and were in high spirits throughout the tour. It took us a long time to search for the cetaceans today, even though the conditions were perfect, with a flat surface, little wind and good lighting. After a thorougher search of the whole fjord a few harbour porpoises were spotted only 30 meters in the distance which we were able to see surface a few times before they took a longer dive. Unfortunately, we were unable to spot any other larger cetaceans on this tour so we offered our passengers complimentary tickets so they can join another tour of their choosing and hopefully see a larger animal. Despite the lack of cetaceans the passengers thoroughly enjoyed the tour and being out on the water! 

Northern Lights 21:00

The forecast for this tour looked very promising earlier on during the day however, as the day wore on clouds unfortunately rolled their way over Akureyri. However, the aura scale was set at a high 6 and therefore we decided to chance it and hope for some gaps in the clouds. We were not disappointed either! From the very start of the tour, before even, parts of the sky were lit up in the most magnificent green colour. As we sailed we found a few gaps in the cloud and were able to see some wonderful lights grow and wane then grow wonderfully bright again. Lights then began developing on both sides of the ship and then right overhead too! One set even blossomed so much we were able to see ribbons of pink, purple and white! How very lucky. The lights were so bright you could even see them behind the cloud! After getting our fill of the northern lights as they continued for the whole tour, we headed back with our cameras full of photos and our minds full of fond memories. 

- Pictures and Text by Tess Hudson