Friday, 3 March 2017


Whale Watching at 11:00

What a wonderful day to be out on the water! It was beautifully sunny and the fjord was mirror flat which made very fine sailing . It was a little bit chilly due to the winds but the lovely whale punches we serve on board warmed the passengers up like a dream. There were a few birds out on the fjord today including; black-backed gulls, Icelandic gulls, northern fulmars, eider ducks and the cute little common guillemots in their winter plumage. There didn´t seem to be much food or fish in the fjord today and that may be the reason no cetaceans were seen on today´s tour. Therefore, complimentary tickets were offered to all our passengers, in the hope that they would return and get to experience some of the wonderful marine animals Iceland has to offer.

Pictures and Text by Tess Hudson