Monday, 18 February 2019

Monday morning greeted us with lots of snow and wind that forced us to cancel the morning tour. We were not sure if to go in the afternoon due to big waves in the Fjord but in the end it was a great decision to go out! A very relaxed Humpback whale found us just around Hjalteyri, most likely feeding as our fish-finder device was showing crazy amount of herring in the area. The whale seemed to be very relaxed and didn’t mind our presence at all, in fact two times approched us so we had amazing opportunity to take a closer look at the animal. The weather was getting better and better and on the way back we could even enjoy some sun. Great day to be out there!

Pictures and Text: Ania Wójcik

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Today, and for a change, we sailed today on board Konsul. The conditions where even better than yesterday: no wind, clear skies, sun, and just a bit of swell in the outside areas. We headed straight to the East side of the island of Hrísey, once more following the hint that was given to us by other boats. Upon our arrival, we searched for a bit until, finally, we spotted 2 blows quite north. To our surprise it was, indeed, the same couple of individuals that we spotted yesterday. The whales went continuously for short dives, and were popping up almost always on the same spot. Possibly, they were feeding on the area. We got to see a little bit of socialization as well, when one of the whales performed a few subtle peduncle throws. Another great day in the company of our Humpback whales!

Pictures and text b Alberto Alejandro

Friday, 15 February 2019

Challenging day today! The weather had calm down extraordinarily, and we enjoyed a day with no wind and mirror seas for almost the entire trip. We went almost to the North-East tip of the island of Hrísey, where the swell was a big higher than in the southern areas but not as big as the previous day. There we searched for the Humpback whales, following a hint we received from fishermen. However, we did not spot them and after 2 hours and a half we gave up and started to return to Akureyri. That is, indeed, the magic of whale watching! We spotted three Humpback whales on the southern corner of Hrísey, and we got to spend some time with a couple that was chilling out without going for long dives. At the end, an amazing experience of winter whale watching!

Pictures and text by Alberto Alejandro

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Today’s tour was a difficult one. We sailed out for almost 4 hours, on a slightly windy and clear morning. We sailed past the area of Hrísey. There, the swell was substantially big, and made out sail bumpy and rocky. The path was a little bit nicer on our way back, and we even got to ride the waves with the entire ship. Unfortunately we weren’t able to locate any whales, and therefore we offered our costumers complimentary tickets so they can come and try again once more!

Picture and text by Alberto Alejandro

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

It is part of the game that we go out sometimes and don't see any whales - it is very unlucky in comparison to yesterday but of course this is wildlife and we have no control over what is going to happen out there - today we blame the weather. We started the tour with very difficult sighting conditions, the fog was blocking the view completely and the majority of the time we were struggling with poor visibility around us. We had a call from friends in the Fjord that at least one Humpback whale was seen around Hjalteyri, but unfortunately we were not able to find him. We sailed out all the way to Hrisey and the fog seemed to slowly moving in higher layers of clouds so on the way back we were able to enjoy sailing in the sun surrounded by birds and beautiful winter landscape of Eyafjordur. Unfortunately no cetaceans were found today. At the end of the tour we offered complimentary tickets to all our passangers. Hopefully the fog will be gone by tomorrow!

Pictures and Text: Ania Wojcik

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Another day, another exciting adventure on our fiord! We sailed out on a fairly clear, windless afternoon. The sun was shining high in the sky, the path out the harbour was clear and (for the first time in a while) unfrozen, and we spotted the Humpback whale of the tour quite close to the harbour. The animal was swimming permanently towards south, but after a few minutes of whale watching the weather switched radically. A strong wind followed us all the way until the very end of the tour. However, we got to see one of those unique moments that everybody wants to see and almost nobody manages to when going whale watching: a BREACH! Unexpectedly, the animal jumped twice a hundred meters away from us. Not long after that we had to cancel the final part of the tour due to the strong wing, but we are sure that at everybody brought home one of the highlights of their travel to Iceland!

Pictures and text by Alberto Alejandro

Monday, 11 February 2019

A little bit more of wind, a little bit less of swell, and as always the Humpback whales waiting for us in the fiord, once more quite close to the island of Hrísey. This time, the two individuals that we spotted were clearly interacting with each other and going for dives at the same time. According to our fish finder, there was a little bit of fish near the bottom, which makes it fairly possible that the whales were feeding on that spot. Once more a remarkable tour!

Pictures and text by Alberto Alejandro

Sunday, 10 February 2019

In comparison with yesterday, today was an amazing clear morning in Eyjafjordur, No wind, clear skies, although a bit of swell once we passed Hjalteri. Although we had to sail all the way to the island of Hrísey, we managed to find two Humpback whales. The individuals shared the location, although they didn’t seem to be socializing among each other. Surface after surface, it was clear they were not leaving the spot, nor wandering around the fiord. Let’s hope we will find them in this same spot tomorrow in our 13.00 tour!

Pictures and text by Alberto Alejandro

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Today’s tour was quite extreme. The fog is back with it’s full power and so are the waves. We sailed out all the way to Hrisey Island scanning the east side of the Fjord but as the waves were getting bigger and bigger, we turned around and changed the route to search through the west side of the Fjord. We’ve been told by friends that a group of dolphins was seen around Hauganes but we didn’t find them. At this point it started snowing again and we could barely see what’s in front of us. We’ve seen some bird life and enjoyed the purest icelandic winter, but no cetaceans were found today so we offered complimentary tickets for all our passengers. Hopefully the visibility will get better tomorrow!

Pictures and text: Ania Wojcik

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Again, a sea of surprises was waiting for us on our daily trip into the fiord. We sailed out in the middle of a blizzard, not knowing if the snow was meant to fade away, thus giving us more chances to find the whales. So it did (although it was a constant until the end of the tour), and after almost one hour and a half we finally got to enjoy two Humpback whales. Although quite close to each other, the individuals were clearly diving by their own and maintaining the distance among each other. We spotted Jackson once more, and we were surprised to see the animals really close to our boat as they surfaced unexpectedly meters away from us. A truly remarkable tour!

Pictures and text by Alberto Alejandro

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

We sailed out with what it looked to be a gale constricted to the Akureyri area but that, luckily, faded away the Northern we sailed in the fiord. After we crossed the area of Hjalteri we found our first and only cetacean of the day: a Humpback whale. The individual swam relaxed for almost the entire interaction. Towards the end, the typical surfacing behaviour switched towards a more shuffled behaviour. The whale was taking longer between surfacings, and was almost never going for long deep dives. We decided to leave the whale in peace and we slowly started our sail back to the harbour of Akureyri!

Pictures and text by Alberto Alejandro

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Another winter afternoon in Akureyri with freezing temperature of at least -12 degrees we sailed out the Fjord to look for the Whales. A beautiful snowy landscape, calm ocean and lots of birds that were keeping us company made the tour very enjoable from the beginning. It took us a while to find two very relaxed Humpback whales travelling together around Hrisey Island. They were surfacing ofen and calmly, going for dives together. Both whales have been our regular visitors this winter and we’ve seen them a lot in January but not together. We stayed with them for a while but didn’t want to disturb them and headed back to Akureyri under the sky in already sunset colours above Eyafjordur.

Pictures and text: Ania Wójcik

Monday, 4 February 2019

Day of adventures in or beloved fiord! We had sun, snow, sun again…! And although it was calm and there was no wind in the fiord, we faced a bit of swell when we arrived to the area of Hrísey. The first marine mammal that we saw today was, for a change, a Harbour Seal that was lying over an ice plate that was formed over the sea surface. After that, and almost two hours after the beginning of the tour, we came across three Humpback whales that were swimming towards the South. We quickly lost the couple that was traveling together, but we stayed with the one that was traveling alone: an old well-known whale of us that we call Jackson. After some difficult days, it feels good to enjoy some time with our Eyjafjordur whales!

Pictures and text by Alberto Alejandro

Sunday, 3 February 2019

We sailed out with some fog and extremely cold temperatures (almost -20ºC according to some forecasts!). The sea was pretty calm though, and after a while we also enjoyed the sun shinning over the waters of the fiord. Unfortunately we were not able to spot any whales on today’s trip, so we offered some complimentary tickets to our passengers. Hopefully we will have a bit more of luck on the upcoming days!

Text by Alberto Alejandro

Saturday, 2 February 2019

We sailed out in a quiet cold winter afternoon. Luckily for us the snow is giving us a break, and during the tour we were even capable of seeing the sun shining over the fiord! The improving weather conditions have definitely helped us in finding again the whales: we spotted our first and only Humpback whale of the day just right in front of Hjalteri. We received some information pointing out that there were other whales further North but, since the individual we observed was surfacing quite regularly we decided to stick around it. Overall, a really nice experience in the company of a wonderful and truly giant of the sea!

Pictures and text by Alberto Alejandro

Friday, 1 February 2019

A rather challenging tour, we went out but no further than beyond Hjalteyri area. Strong wind and blizzard, thick fog and enormous waves even so deep in the Fjord made it impossible to go further out. We spotted a Humpback whale around Svalbarðseyri but just gasping for air and going for a dive immediately. We’ve seen him twice, still quite far away from us and we decided leave him to look for other animals that would be easier to follow. This time we didn’t succeed. We made a circle and tried to look for that individual again but we haven’t found him again. We came back to the harbor and offered complimentary tickets for all passengers. Hopefully we’ll have better conditions tomorrow, the forecast looks much better!

Picture and Text: Ania Wójcik

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Another amazing day to be out there in the Fjord! Cold morning in Akureyri greeted us with quite challenging conditions again - thick fog starting right beyond Svalbarðseyri surrounded us for over an hour limiting the view badly. However it didn’t stop us from having wonderful experience with whales - we found today 3 Humpback Whales travelling together synchronized. One of them was our regular visitor called Jackson and he was always the first one to go for a dive and two other were following. Stunning encounter when at second surfacing the whales showed up just 2-3 meters away from us! At this point the weather was getting better and on our way back we even enjoyed some sun.

Pictures and Text: Ania Wójcik