Saturday, 23 June 2018

We sailed out with very good weather conditions, the sun was shining and the water was very smooth. We were in for quite a surprise, after sailing half an hour we encountered a group of no less then 6 humpback whales lunge feeding together. Surrounding them was a large group of birds going chasing after the left over fish. In the distance we could see more whales feeding.
This type of feeding is not something we often see in the fjord, most of the time the whales feed under the water and by themselves. Today we got a glimpse of their baleen plates as they came out of the water with their mouths wide open. Also some whales rolled onto their side while feeding showing their flippers and parts of their tails.
But the show did not end there, on one of our afternoon tours a whale started breaching and kept on going.
It was an incredible day filled with very active feeding whales.

Text Anouk de Plaa and pictures Anna Gunnarsdottir and Liza Roger


Friday, 22 June 2018

Lovely sunshine today with some rather strong southerly winds. Jackson was the whale of the day! We saw it both this morning and this afternoon. This morning Jackson was actively feeding about 20km north of Akureyri and this afternoon it was napping about 10km closer. Very peaceful and relaxed around the boats. We can always count on Jackson for some good photo opportunities!

Text and photos by Liza Roger

Thursday, 21 June 2018

The day was rather overcast and a little windy but the humpback whales were there to play! Or should I say, there to feed! Seven humpbacks this morning and three this afternoon. A very familiar fluke in the group: Jackson was pulling its usual moves. We also decided to name two of the new whale Humpfrey Bogart and Ezra. Those whales were swimming and feeding all day together. We also saw a nice breach right in front of the boat this morning! The seabirds were very active all day, feeding on the surface and taking advantage of the bubble curtains blown by the whales. The whales blow bubble-curtains to force the small fish to the surface were they lung towards them with their mouth wide open. So much food for the whale in the fjord at the moment!!..

Photos and text by Liza Roger


Wednesday, 20 June 2018

What a great day we had today, the wind from previous days had calmed, and the sun was shining and there for we had such a beautiful sightseeing on the fjord while we searched for the cetaceans. Close to Hjalteyri we had a great encounter with six humpback whales that came up quite a lot giving us a good time.  Another amazing day here in the fjord with our amazing giants of the sea.

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

What a whaletastic day! The wind had calmed down from the previous day making conditions much more comfortable. The day started off beautifully with 8 different humpback whales. Three of which were travelling together and came very close to the boat which was just exceptional. Some were taking long dives while others stayed close to the surface allowing us to see their beautiful bodies. On our one o´clock tour Jackson and friends delighted us with some very close surfacing and even came over to check us out and then just chilled alongside us for quite some time. The rest of the days tours followed suit and we had many whales surfacing all the way around the boat and even had four whales travelling together! But we did not just have whales today but huge flocks of feeding seabird too, including arctic terns, northern fulmar, kittiwakes and black headed gulls. Just another amazing day in Eyjafjörður. 

Pictures and text by Tess Hudson 

Monday, 18 June 2018

Today we had a busy day since we had lots of trips on different boats. Early in the morning during our 8am tour we found our humpback whale friend Jackson breaching non stop, tail and pectoral slapping... it was an epic tour! On the rest of the trips we saw many different whales, all of them feeding more or less actively, and approaching the boats quite a lot. Among the whales we have seen today we could identify Arrow and Sleipnir. 

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Happy Icelandic National Day! Happy Independence Day!
The fjord waters were a real delight this morning: no wind, sunshine. The perfect whale watching conditions! We were lucky to spot a minke whale very near the harbour. It was feeding in the middle of a flock of northern fulmars. We spotted it multiple times before heading further north to look for humpbacks. And we did! About a third of the way out from the harbour we spotted three humpbacks feeding together. Two of them were swimming in concentric circles, progressively getting the fish and plankton in a tight ball in the centre. They eventually met in the middle to feast of the fruit of their labour! One of them was the lovely and now very often spotted Depill (spots in Icelandic). The afternoon tour was slightly rougher with the rain sweeping in on us and the wind picking up but we managed to meet up with the three humpback whales seen on the morning tour. Smiles all the way!

Text and photos by Liza Roger

Saturday 16 June 2018

What a beautiful day to be out on the fjord! The day began with a very active whale we call Moonshine, who was entertaining us with a whole range of behaviours including breaching, tail lobbing, inverted tail slapping and pectoral waving, which was just incredible to watch! Later on in the day we saw more whales coming up beautifully close, we even had three whales surfacing all together, which was just magical.

Pictures and text by Tess Hudson 

Friday, 15 June 2018

Oh you Northernly wind, you made whale watching a winter like feeling today. Our overalls and blankets were put to very good use and made sure we would be warm and comfy even in these low temperatures. On four tours we got to see the Eyjafjord humpbacks in a variety of states. Fro feeding over resting and traveling. In the afternoon also a minke whale joined in. It is always really impressive to observe humpbacks feeding together and then wait for the moment when the individuals raise their fluke to see who you are meeting. Among 4-5 humpback whales on each tour were Jackson and Veserion. A succesful day in the fjord with hopefully warmer temperatures coming soon.

Text an pictures by Babsi Neubarth

Thursday 14 June 2018

What a splashtastic day! All of our tours today were just delightful, we had many group associations, spectacularly close surfacings and very special behaviors seen on every tour. From tail slapping by the favorite Jackson, to pec slapping and some incredible breaching from the new whale Infinity. Our last tour of the day was very exciting as five whales came together and surfaced all at once! We then had whales to the right, whales to the left, in front and behind so we were delightfully surrounded by the magnificent creatures which are the humpback whales. It may have been a bit rainy but the whales were sure enjoying themselves and so were we!

Pictures and text by Tess Hudson

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Today in the morning we went out on our catamaran Holmasol and also on one of our rib boats. The first encounter of the day was a humpback whale that was travelling north, maybe going out of Eyarfjordur. Later on, we found another whale feeding quite actively. In the afternoon we went out on the same boats and we found a total of three humpback whales, all of them feeding together with many birds from many different species: Northern fulmars, Arctic terns, Common gulls, Herring gulls, Black-headed gulls... It is very good to see these natural interactions!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

What a beautiful day to be out on the fjord. It didn´t take us any time at all to find the whales today. The first whale we encountered was a company favorite called Jackson, who we watched surface many times coming up very close to the boat at times. Two more whales then joined the party including Depill and another new individual. We were able to spend quite sometime with these animals as they fed, filling their large mouths with water. On heading out even more whales were encountered raising their lovely patterned flukes into the air. On our afternoon and evening tours the same whales were spotted and a few more to boot. Some even showed us some lovely tail slapping in a effort to herd the fish together! A delightful day to be out on the water. 

- Text and picture by Tess Hudson  

Monday, 11 June 2018

After being spoiled by the sun for so many days, the clouds and slight drizzle of rain made the fjord seem a bit dull when we set out this morning. But luckily the humpback whales did not fail us and managed to brighten up every single tour for us from early morning to the late evening. Food a plenty can be found deep in the fjord at the moment so that we saw up to ten different humpback whales on one tour, next to lively harbour porpoises. In the afternoon then we got super excited when we realized our old friend and all time favourite Jackson is back in the fjord. Many of our passengers will remember it from last year as one of the most sighted and surprising whales. Welcome back Jackson, may you gift us with many joyous moments!

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Today since the number of passengers was not so high, we could go out for theclassic trips with our smaller boat Konsull. This boat is a bit more speedy and agile of the others, making easier to approach our whales. In the morning the sea was very calm and still, and we were blessed with the sightings of 7 beautiful humpack whales feeding, with so many arctic terns all around them. Such a peaceful and amazing scenery! In the afternoon the wind started blowing a bit stronger and as well our whales looked more active. We found again all the 7 of them, but this time a big splashed a bit more in the distance surprised us! One of the whales gave us a wonderful show, breaching and pec slapping many times. It is a new individual from this year, called Viserion, and we hope it will stay around a bit longer because it is already a super star for us!:) Check out the pictures of the day!


Text and pictures by Albert Camara and Annalisa Sambolino

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Today in the morning we went out on our catamaran Holmasol on very quiet seas and with a beautiful light for whale watching. It took us a while but we managed to see a Humpback whale feeding together with an unexpected Minke whale. We could identify the humpback as Li, one of the first whales we have identified here in Akureyri. Later on, we could find two other humpbacks feeding together, one of which was identified as Number 2. In the afternoon we went out on our boat Konsul and also on our rib Solfar II and we could find again two humpback whales lounge feeding very actively, delighting our guests. It is feeding time! 

Text by Albert Camara; Pictures by Albert Camara

Friday, 8 June 2018

We sailed out with cloudy conditions but there was almost no wind and the weather was warm, so no need for overalls. After about half an hour sailing we encountered a Minke whale, a smaller type of baleen whale that we often encounter in the Eyjafjordur during the summer time. 
Close to the island Hrisey we encountered 4 humpbacks, one of the animals we recognized it was Max. We had not seen the other whales before, the animals appeared to be feeding, only surfacing shortly and moving in many different directions.
One of the new whales came up very close to the boat several times during the afternoon tour causing quite a bit of excitement among the passengers.

Text Anouk de Plaa and pictures Liza Roger

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Today in the morning the sun was not shining as much as during the previous days but we still managed to see six different humpback whales, all of them relatively close to Akureyri! We went out on our boat Konsull and we could enjoy their company. In the afternoon we went out again on Konsull and also on our rib boats and the sun was shining again. We could see a total of 5 different humpback whales, some of them from very up close. Most of them were new individuals, it looks like they just arrived in our fjord. But our very well know Depill was still there as well! Eyjafjörður is really his home!

Text by Albert Camara; Pictures by Annalisa Sambolino

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Sunshine! Another beautiful day on Eyjafjordur! Very little wind this morning but slightly stronger this afternoon (some white caps on the fjord) with the mist rolling in from the ocean. The morning trip had a nice peaceful encounter with a small humpback whale after cruising beside some harbor porpoises. The whale was seen just before the small port of Hjalteyri, where the Horga river goes into the fjord. We were unable to identify this individual because it did not fluke once, probably due to its small size. This afternoon got a little more exciting because the first humpback whale we encountered was breaching! It then rolled on its side and started slapping the surface of the water with its pectoral fin.. like it was waving at us or expecting a high-5! This individual did fluke (show the underside of its tail) but we haven´t met before, therefore we haven't named it yet (suggestions welcome!). We later moved into the fog, further north, to check out another humpback whale. This one did not breach but came much closer to the boat to say Hi. Since this individual also fluke nicely but isn't in our whale catalog either, we could not identify it (we need another name!). All in all, a great day on the waters of Eyjafjordur with three different humpback whales and an amazing display of ocean life!    Happy trails..


Text and photo by Liza Roger

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

We sailed out in quite spooky conditions there was a lot of fog and the water was extremely calm. We almost expected a ghost ship to appear at some point.
Very close to Akureyri we encountered our first humpback whale, it was an animal that we had not encountered before. The humpback whale was feeding, moving direction a lot and coming up very often for one breath.
When moving further out in the Eyjafjord we encountered two other species, harbour porpoises and a minke whale. Both these species are usually quite shy and move away quickly, but today they seemed to be relaxed moving slowly around the boat and giving us close up views.
We also encountered two more humpback whales in the fjord, one of which was very active and giving us a show, slapping its massive flippers on the water and rolling around. 

Text Anouk de Plaa and pictures Babsi Neubarth

Monday, 4 June 2018

Many great trips today, with 3 different humpback whales hanging out in our fjord. And big surprise when our new friend, the humpback whale that just arrived yesterday in Eyjafjörður, decided to say hello breaching in front of our boat. Not only once, but so many times that we could not even count them! It looks like a young individual, that could perform this incredibly acrobatics just for fun or to call the attention of the other whales in the area. Another valid reason could also be that he was just trying to take off some annoying parasites from his skin, smashing on the surface of the water. But still, he was just alike a beautiful and graceful dancer (Check out the pictures to see the sequence of two of the breaches;)). The beauty of working and dealing every day with wild creatures is that you can never get bored, something unexpected can happen in any moment!

Text and pictures by Annalisa Sambolino