Friday, 24 June 2016

It was a wonderful but chilly morning out from Akureyri, but the sun was shining and wildlife was plentiful. We had the pleasure to take out passengers from the cruise ship, Disney Magic, in the morning and had a lot of fun with them all. We found some incredible whales by Hjalteyri, which seems to be the best place at the moment. We had the pleasure of seeing two humpback whales, a minke whale and a pod of about 4-5 feeding harbour porpoises. This alone was great but we also saw a variety of birds too including; arctic terns, fulmars, black-headed gulls, great northern divers, red-throated divers, arctic skuas, red-necked phalarope, eider ducks, red shank, whooper swans, cormorant and i'm sure a lot more that we missed. A lovely day with plenty to see.

  • Megan Whittaker