Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Good day in Eyjafiördur for whale watching. We have seen 3 species in today’s tours including harbour porpoises, minke whale and of course humpback whales. The minke whale was a bit elusive; the animal was travelling so we could see it for a couple of times before it went for a deep dive. The highlight of the day came with Black Arrow, a humpback whale that came half the way out of the water checking us out. In the afternoon we went all the way to the Hrísey the Island until we spotted a couple of humpback whales. One of them was Bad Fluker, it has been in the fjord since the beginning of May when we started the season, and so it was great to see this animal doing well. The other was a new individual now called Ziggi. They were both swimming together going into the fjord very calm. The afternoon tour was more active with 3 humpback whales next the herring factory. They were very synchronize when diving and breathing at the same time, it was great to see how social these animals can be. But the evening tour was the high point of the day. The humpback whale 50 shades was breaching for 20 minutes with some breaths in between and they it continued with fluke slapping against the water, what a wonderful display of acrobatics.