Wednesday, 30 November 2016

  • Photographs by Megan Whittaker

There were a few passengers that really wanted to go whale watching today and luckily the crew were here to go out on a non-scheduled tour and we were so glad we did. First of all there was very little wind making the harbour look like a mirror, mountains with a nice layer of snow and as the sun rose behind the mountains we just watched in awe!. Not only was the scenery outstanding but the whales were as well. Just a little south-east of Hjalteyri we found them, blows kept popping up in all directions. A pod of 5, another or 3, couple of pairs and a few independent humpback whales too. At least 13 different individuals humpback whales were identified. 10 we could recognize from previous tours (ictures can be found on our facebook page) and 3 that seemed to be new to our catalog. Akureyri is definitely the place to be at the moment. It was lovely to see a couple of passengers telling us that they went on two tours out of reykjavik and unfortunately didn't see anything and then decided to make the 6 hour drive to Akureyri this morning to make the 11am tour here and drive back to Reykjavik straight afterwards. They were very glad they did.!!