Sunday, 9 October 2016

Today was another good day in Eyjafjördur, marked by fast changing weather, gorgeous humpback whales and a minke whale. We started sailing out under a cloud of rain which soon changed into a rainbow and then sunshine after only 15 minutes. In total we saw 6 humpbacks and 1 minke whale. It was quite special for us to have a minke whale in the fjord which was very relaxed so that everybody could get really nice views of it. Next to that our humpback whales were as impressive as usual with their big blows and graceful movements. The highlight of the tour happened at the end when we almost had to head back. The humpback Reykja decided to swim in a close half-circle around the boat so that its flipper was literarily only centimeters away from our Rib boat. A great ending to a very nice tour today.

Barbara Neubarth Picture by Barbara Neubarth