Monday, 31 October 2016

What a spooktacular tour we had today! It was a bit rough and windy today heading out into the fjord. There was long rolling waves and a bit of spray but it made the tour a lot of fun! It was a bit tricky to find the whales today due to the high swell but when we did we were not disappointed. Two whales were spotted in the distance, and once closer we were able to watch then come up a few times before they went for a deep dive. While watching one of these animals it suddenly leaped out of that water!! Only 10 meters away or so, it was a fantastic sight to see! After it went for a rather long dive, but two more humpbacks were spotted in the distance, so we headed over to check them out. These we were able to view for some time, and identified as Needle and Daggers. On the sail back we were able to enjoy the snow capped mountains, calmer seas and wonderful memories of some beautiful whales!

  • Tess Hudson

  • Picture by Tess Hudson