Monday, 5 September 2016

Today we had to travel a long way through the Eyjafjorder to find the humpback whales because they had moved almost past Hrisey. But once we reached the right area there were so many whales around it was unbelievable lot. The animals were almost all moving in groups between 3 and 5 animals. Swimming together and diving together. During all tours we saw at least 8 humpback whales and at some moments we were literally surrounded by humback whales. We stopped pointing all the animals out to the passengers because every direction they looked at they were able to spot a whale. A lot of passengers could simply not believe the numbers of whales they were able to see during the tour.

  • Anouk de Plaa

Aurora Activity: 5/9
Weather: N-W 5 m/s, 8°C
Cloud cover: Scattered clouds
Moon: Waxing Crescent 16%