Sunday, 2 October 2016

Amazing humpbacks, harbour porpoises and overall tour this afternoon. It has been a real treat today to sail out with no wind and almost mirror like sea, but especially the incredible variety of behaviour displayed by our humpbacks today made this tour truly unforgettable. It started off by meeting a group of 4 humpbacks including Aramis, Pathos, King Louis and Dark Knight. Then we all of a sudden heard a loud sound and saw only a huge splash in the closer distance, breach number 1. About 5 more would follow during this tour performed by 2 different humpbacks. There is nothing more impressive to watch when a humpback whale lifts its massive body above the water surface in such a gracefull way how we could observe it today. Next to that we saw tail lops, tail and pec slaps. It was really hard to decide where to look first. Once the spectacle had calmed down a bit, we got to enjoy a small pod of 2-4 harbour porpoises. We waved our goodbyes after about an hour and returned to Akureyri harbour. Simply a fantastic tour.

Barbara Neubarth Pictures by Barbara Neubarth