Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Today we had a bit of a rainy day in Akureyri. It was not really raining much, but rather a constant drizzle that accompanied us on our tour. Nevertheless we had a great day out at sea. We had 8 different humpback whales in close proximity so that we could divide our time and attention equally between all individuals. That is when we realized that next to 7 whales we had seen for quite a while here now one new humpback had joined the area. As it turned out it was not a new individual, it was actually 'Awesome Fluker' whom we had seen many times at the beginning of the season. How nice to see this whale returning into the fjord. We are excited to see who will return next, maybe passing through on the way to warmer waters for the winter.

Barbara Neubarth Pictures by Barbara Neubarth