Friday, 14 October 2016

A stunning day in Eyjafjördur is coming towards an end. We started off with a Power Tour, embracing both the beautiful nature of the fjord and the capability of our Rib boats under a blue and sunny sky. Followed by our regular whale watching tour at 1 o'clock. Because we could not go out for 2 days due to unfavorable weather conditions, we were very eager to see some wildlife. We went out on a full boat and could really enjoy humpbacks and sun galore. Fireworks, Reykja, Dark Knight, Awesome Fluker and King Louis were the main humpbacks we divided our time in between. In these sunny conditions blows were easily spotted and flukes and fins were glittering in a diamante ocean. It is hard to imagine that it is already mid-October here in Iceland. Today certainly felt more like a summery day full of whales. What a treat to have been out in the fjord under such beautiful conditions.

Barbara Neubarth Pictures by Barbara Neubarth