Wednesday, 4 September 2019

We sailed out with really smooth conditions and even the sun showed itself multiple times during the tours. Because it also rained some of the time we got beautiful rainbows.
During the first tour we got a big surprise when we found a humpback whale around Svalbardseyri. The animal was travelling north fast and unfortunately we did not find it again in the afternoon. In the afternoon tour we had to travel quite far to the north where the express trip encountered a lot of white beaked dolphins and on the classic tour we spotted around 15 harbour porpoises moving very calmly and surfacing many times close to the boat. This is quite an unusual thing, when we see harbour porpoises we usually see them very briefly and with 2 to 5 animals together.
We also spotted a minke whale surfacing close to the boat several times.

Departures: Classic 9 and 13 and Express 10 and 14

Text Anouk de Plaa and photos Albert Camara Balestegui and Anouk de Plaa