Saturday, 28 September 2019

Winter is coming! We had a cold but also a successful day in Eyjafjordur. This morning we found a Humpback whale next to Hjalteyri. This whale has been in the area for several days in a row, and this individual is very easy to distinguish due to its small size and its very pointy and distinctive dorsal fin. In our second tour, we managed to see all 3 main species of cetaceans that we commonly find in our fjord. First, we had a short but very close encounter with a Minke Whale and after a while we spotted the same humpback whale. This time the whale was quite tricky, but we could even see its beautiful fluke. And while we were waiting for this friend to surface we had a surprisingly close encounter with a group of harbour porpoises, the smallest cetacean of Icelandic waters. These harbour porpoises were coming up very close to our boat, and this nice sighting made the tour even more special.

Departures: CLASSIC 9 and 13, EXPRESS 10

Text by Barbara Hintermayer, Photos by Albert Camara