Wednesday, 11 September 2019

This morning started foggy and rainy, but the sea surface in the fjord was calm and soon we left the rain behind. After an hour sailing, nearby Hjalteyri, we spotted a blow in the distance. When we got closer we could see that it was again our friend Humpback whale “Aretha Frankfin”. This individual has been in the area for some days now, and it seems to be finding enough food to stay there. In both of our tours, Aretha surfaced really close to our boat! It looks like this animal like us.

In our afternoon tour, and also in our express tours we managed to go further out and we had an unexpected encounter with a pod of Long-Finned Pilot Whales next to Hauganes. This is not a common species here in Eyjafjourdur, that’s why it was a very special sighting. We could watch and enjoy this big group of about 50-60 pilot whales for several minutes, as they were surfacing very often. We could see some tiny calves in the group and some of the individuals delighted us with a curious behavior that we call spy-hopping, which is when they surface with their head and eyes above the water surface, checking out the surroundings. This was an incredible day!!!

Departures today: Classic 9h and 13h; Express 10h and 14h

Text by Barbara Hintermayer & Albert Camara and Pictures by Barbara Hintermayer & Babsi Neubarth