Saturday, 24 August 2019

Today we could again enjoy whale watching in perfect conditions! Sunshine, flat sea and so many whales ! On all of our tours, we saw 4 to 6 humpback whales. Our dear humpback friend Depill was still in the same area as on the past few days, delighting us with short dives and perfect flukings. A little further up north, other well known humpbacks were also around: Giljagaur, Cogsworth and Right Hook were surfacing around the boat a lot. On our way back from the morning tour, we were surprised by 4 Northern bottlenose whales right in the harbour ! They were veeery close to us and we got to see not only their dark backs with the dorsal fin but also their funny looking bulbous heads. What a wonderful day we had with all these whales !

Departures: CLASSIC 9, 13, 15 and EXPRESS 10, 14, 16

Text by Viivi Pöyhönen
Photos by Barbara Hintermayer