Friday, 5 July 2019

Today whales were in a playful mood, but it was 'hide and seek’ they were playing. We accepted that challenge and after long search we found them. In the morning tour we sailed almost till the mouth of the fjord till we found a humpback whale. Despite presence of 3 boat this whale was so relaxed that we had impression that it is sleeping, logging on the surface or sun-bathing but finally we got to see it’s tail. Later this day we were again searching far in the fjord without big success ( but watching harbour porpoises) till on the way back we found whales, not only a humpback whale but also a minke whale.

Departures today: Classic: 9:00, 13:00 & 17:00 Express: 10:00 & 16:00

Text by Ewa Malinowska, photos Rodrigo Martinez