Sunday, 28 July 2019

The day started so beautiful - a lot of sunshine, no wind and very calm sea conditions. It was the perfect day to head out into the fjord to search for whales and dolphins. Further out, it got a bit more rocky on the ship because of some rolling waves from the open ocean. It took us a rather long time today but eventually we came across a minke whale! In the flat conditions we got to sea it very well, it was surfacing always pretty close by and once it even became curious and surfaced just a few meters away from us as and swam by very slowly as if it wanted to have a look at us - great experience! A few harbour porpoises were also around here and there and those who were quick enough got to see them as well. Out afternoon tour was less lucky. Not only did the sun hide behind some thick clouds, also the rolling waves had gotten a bit bigger and some people did not enjoy the rolling of the boat very much. Our luck regarding cetaceans changed as well and, unfortunately, we did not sea any whales or dolphins during the tour. Therefore, we offered all passengers on board a complimentary ticket to join on of our tours again within the next two years. These tickets can also be used for a tour with out sister company in Reykjavik.

Text by Hanna Michel, photos by Tess Hudson

Departures today: Classic: 09:00, 13:00, 17:00 & 20:30 Express: 12:00 & 14:00