Wednesday, 10 July 2019

BREEEEEEACH! What a fantastic day! Not only were we blessed with some beautiful weather, the sun was shining, there was hardly any wind and the sea almost flat, we got to see a lot of amazing animals. On our morning tours 4 humpback whales were spotted 2 of which were travelling together which was just lovely to watch. Our afternoon tours witnessed something quite wonderful, a few humpbacks popped up throughout the tour and then a magical pod of white-beaked dolphins. Suddenly, a whale began breaching (jumping out of the water) which was just incredible!! Not only did it do it once but multiple times, it then rolled over and began pectoral slapping (hitting its long pectoral flippers against the water). This behavior is very rare to see and always an awe inspiring sight. This whale continued to jump, then slap for at least the next 30 minutes! Our later tours got to enjoy some more humpbacks and even a few dolphins here and there. Another exceptional day in Eyjafjörður.

Pictures and text by Tess Hudson