Monday, 1 July 2019

Hide and seek with humpback whales! Today we got to sail at high speed in the windy fjord as we were looking for our whale friends who had moved further up north. We found a couple of humpback whales and had to use all of our senses to keep up with them. They were moving around a lot and sometimes we couldn’t see them behind the waves but only hear their blow. And then, out of nowhere, a whale would pop up just in front of us! One whale even performed some tail slapping for us, a behaviour we don’t get to witness every day !They definitely kept surprising us over and over again. We were also accompanied by many sea birds such as northern fulmars, arctic terns and guillemots. We even saw glimpses of harbour porpoises on the way. A very interesting day full of surprises!

Today’s departures CLASSIC 9, 13, 17 & 20:30 EXPRESS 12, 14 & 21

Text by Viivi