Monday, 10 June 2019

We had first day of summer in Akureyri with shining sun and 18'C! Morning tour was amazing, with perfectly flat sea and whales clearly enjoying this conditions as much as we did. We saw two minke whales, few harbour porpoises and of course humpback whales. It becoming crowdy here in the fjord as we counted today 6 different humpback! In afternoon wind was a little bit stronger but not enough to complain about weather. Humpbacks were still in the same spot and we had a lot of fun when this huge animals were just coming to the surface all around places, making us running from one side of the boat to another. We even got to see some tail slaps.

Departures today: Classic: 09:00 13:00 & 20:30, Express 10:00 & 14:00

Text and photos: Ewa Malinowska, Rodrigo Martinez Catalan