Saturday, 18 March 2019

A foggy but a beautiful day out on the fjord. It was sunny despite the fog, the day started with a very flat sea, which made spotting much easier. Not long after leaving harbour we found a Minke Whale on our morning tour and were able to watch it as it surfaced all around us. Later on three humpback whales were spotted in the distance, they were all spread out but we got a good look at all of them. A minke also joined the party and we were able to watch it for some time. Lots of harbour porpoises were also seen throughout the day. On our afternoon tours four humpbacks were seen two of which were travelling together which was just wonderful to witness as they surfaced and dove together. Simply wonderful.

Tour departures today: Classic: 9 & 13, Express: 10 & 14

Pictures and text by Tess Hudson