Thursday, 16 May 2019

Today the weather kept changing constantly, sunshine and rain interchanged every five minutes. There was a slight wind from the South making it a bit warmer compared to the very cold Northern winds we usually get. Similar to the last days, a few humpback whales were around again today, one of them being our good friend "Moonshine” who was traveling alone today and feeding together with some Arctic terns. After spending a good amount of time with Moonshine we saw another humpback whale a few times before we started our journey back to Akureyri Harbour. In the distance we were able to saw the blows of at least one more humpback whale out there in Eyjafjörður, and we saw harbour porpoises several times during our tour as well.

Classic departures today: 13:00 RIB departures: 10:00, 14:00

Text and photos by Hanna Michel