Friday, 5 April 2019

SPERM WHALES in Eyjafjördur. April is just full of surprises here at the entrance of the fjord. We sailed out from Dalvik and soon it became apparent that we would have to go far North today. Luckily the seas were calm so that we could leave the shelter of the fjord and go past the area of Olafsfjördur. And that is where we saw it, multiple blows in the distance. They looked different from the humpback whale blows and when we got closer, we could confirm these were sperm whales. We counted at least 5 individuals who stayed on the surface for 7-8 minutes at a time, before raising their flukes up high and going down for their long dives. How fascinating to see this special type of whale. Interestingly we encountered sperm whales for the first time last year at roughly the same place at the beginning of April. Hopefully these majestic toothed whales will stay around for a while.

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth