Sunday, 28 April 2019

Full summer in the Fjord! Sunday greeted us with full sun and completely flat sea giving us perfect conditions to look for cetaceans. The morning tour we started slower than usual as recent sightings we’ve been having quite deep in the Fjord and we didn’t want to miss on anything. We had 3 species tour! First we spotted few Harbor porpoises, then a Minke Whale and finally a Humpback Whale. We stayed a bit longer with the last one and enjoyed him on the surface several times. On the way back we spotted 2 more different individuals of Minke Whales which was great and unexpected! In the afternoon we went on the Express tour so it was easier to follow very sneaky animals this time. We found same individuals as in the morning but they were changing directions a lot and not easy to follow but we found again same Humpback whale and two Minkes. Can’t wait to go out there tomorrow!

Pictures and Text by Ania Wojcik