Saturday, 20 April 2019

Stunning tour today full of rainbows, harbor porpoises and very photogenic white beaked dolphins! We had incredible weather, we started the tour again from Dalvik and it was a great call. The morning tour had to be cancelled due to unfavorable sea conditions but in the afternoon we had full sun, still some waves but it didn’t stop us from finding big group of dolphins and lots of harbor porpoises on the way. We didn’t even have to follow them as they were simply surrounding us. We had few nice encounters before we had to head back but as it often happens with surprises on the way back the tour was not over yet - a harbor seal popped up right next to us. She showed up again two more times, unfortunately being very quick and keeping the distance but definitely checking us out. We didn't manage to capture that on pictures this time but I hope she'll stay around the Fjord so maybe we could find her again tomorrow.

Pictures & Text: Ania Wojcik