Thursday, 18 April 2018

2019_04_11_0900_HOL_BABSI (36).JPG

What a lovely day to be sailing of the fjord, we had a bit of wind but sailing was easy. It seems the birds were out to delight us today. The Northern gannets were practicing the wonderful art of plunge diving, where they fly high up into the air fold back their wings and shoot into the waters surface to catch fish. When plunging into the water they can reach speeds of up to 100km per hour. Other birds seen on the tour include: long tailed duck, eider duck, common guillemot, black guillemot, black headed gull, kittiwake and northern fulmar. A few harbour porpoises popped up to join us for a while but no larger cetaceans were seen, so complimentary tickets were given out. However, the birds, and, of course the beautiful landscape made a beautiful voyage.

Picture by Babsi Neubarth and text by Tess Hudson