Sunday, 24 March 2019

A beautiful day, with a clear sunny sky and good sailing conditions as we made out way down the fjord. Once further out we did experience a seasonal snow storm but were quickly out the other side. On our tour we found a small pod of beautiful harbour porpoises which we got to see porpoising out of the water. It was so lovely to see their tiny forms popping up so elegantly. Lots of birds were also seen including: black and common guillemot, kittiwake, northern fulmar, icelandic gull, eider duck and the beautiful long tailed ducks which were in huge flocks flying, feeding and resting. Did you know that the long tailed duck can dive up to 60 meters? It’s one of the best diving ducks in the world! They do this so they can get to their prey on or near the ocean floor. They feed mainly upon mollusks and crustaceans. Unfortunately, no larger cetaceans were seen and therefore, complimentary tickets were given out to allow our guests to try their luck again. Regardless, it seem everyone enjoyed the wonderful sail out on the fjord.

Pictures by Ania Wojcik and text by Tess Hudson