Friday, 4 October 2019

Lots of whales today in Eyjafjörður! We started the day on our rib boat Solfar II with an unexpected sighting: a very nice Minke Whale decided to surface next to our boat, delighting us with a very close up encounter. We can honestly say it has been one of the best Minke whale sightings of the season! Later on, we decided to sail further out and it was worth it since we found our dear friend Depill. As usual, we had very close observations with this whale. On our way back, we found a few Harbor porpoises, but we still had another surprise: 2 more Humpback whales (one of them was Iskona). Perfect way to finish the trip!

In the afternoon we sailed out on our catamaran Holmasol and we could enjoy again the 2 humpbacks, as well as a few porpoises. We could not sail much further north since the wind started to pick up. It looks like strong winds are coming in tonight. At least we could make the most of it just before the bad weather!

Departures today: Classic 13h and Express 10h

Text by Albert Camara and pictures by Tess Hudson