Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Flat seas again in Eyjafjörður today! Once again, like in the last couple of days, we have enjoyed flat mirror seas under a shining sun. And these weather conditions make our job much easier. Throughout the whole day we have seen the 3 most common species we can see here in the fjord: Harbor porpoises, Minke Whale and Humpback Whales. Among the humpback whales we have enjoyed again our beloved friend Iskona (our particular Ice woman), who has been delighting our passengers with its beautiful tail. We love whale watching under these sea conditions! Today we were also delighted with not one but two wonderful minke whales in the fjord, including our beloved “Sei”, who has been seen every month since April in our fjord.

Departures today: Classic 13h and 14h ; Express 10h and 14h

Text and pictures by Tess Hudson and Albert Camara