Saturday, 12 October 2019

A chilly but lovely day out on the fjord today. This morning was picture perfect with a mirror flat fjord, a slight chill to the air and wonderful pink hues which hung to the sky, birds were flying, wheeling and feeding over the harbour as we set sail giving us a wonderful feeling of adventure. On our way out we spotted some wonderful harbour porpoises who were leaping out of the mirror flat calm. Further into out journey we found not one but three different humpback whales. Aretha Frankfin, Iskona and the new baby whale, who were happily surfacing after filling their large bellies full of food. Our afternoon tour enjoyed more whale action with the baby and Aretha and occasionally Iskona, who was going for very long dives. Did you know that these whales can hold their breaths for 55 minutes? Cute little porpoises also popped up many times throughout the tour both surprising and delighting our passengers. Yet another mesmerizing day in Eyjafjörður.

Departures today: Classic 09:00 & 13:00, Express: 10:00 & 14:00

Pictures and text by Tess Hudson