Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Today’s tour was anything but boring. Definitely adventurous, for sure challenging and incredibly beautiful. We experienced highlights of Icelandic weather probably with everything except rain - just name anything that comes to Your mind - sun, snow, hail, wind, fog, blizzard it was all there in those 3.5 hours. At this point I should probably mention also those 4-5 meters high waves that made our trip even more extreme but it was worth going out there. We spotted at least two and possibly 3 Humpback whales in total - due to thick fog all around us it was not easy to track the animals but we had a nice and close encounter with Jackson Humpback Whale and great surprise at the end of the tour where we found a very relaxed and playful Humpback whale crushing the ice and spy-hopping. We also spotted lots of bird life on the way and we were surrounded by constantly changing stunning light - I think we have never taken that many great landscape pictures so far!

Pictures and Text: Ania Wójcik