Friday, 25 January 2019

What a show - a stunning tour! We started from spotting a small pod of Harbor porpoises around Svalbarðseyri but since they disappeared very quickly we headed out north and just around Grenivík we've noticed our first two Humpback whales - moving together quite far from us and one more whale swimming alone at our side - that turned out to be Jackson. He was very relaxed and resting so we decided to stay with him at the beginning but the couple got our attention as they started to showing us their flippers and side of their tails so we headed in their direction. At this point they all went for a dive and that was a long dive - we waited at least 15 minutes before they showed up again and when they finally did, we've seen all 3 of them together! They were clearly interacting with each other, showing us flippers, tails and bellies moving very close to each other. We’ve heared "trumpeting sound" few times which might indicate that one of the whales was unhappy with presence of another. They were staying on the surface most of the time when finally went for a dive, they went all together and came back also all together. On our way back we spotted two more humpback whales and that was Jafar and one more whale that we couldn’t identify. Five individuals of humpback whales and fantastic show of whale interactions. Unforgettable experience and surely one of the best tours this year so far!

Pictures and Text: Ania Wójcik