Monday, 14 January 2019

What a GREAT start of the week! 5 whales in the surroundings of stunning winter landscape in the Fjord. Cold morning with -12 degrees served us completely flat ocean for most of the tour which gave us fantastic conditions to observe the wildlife of Eyafjordur. As soon as we passed ice-covered area we spotted our first whales and these were Northern Bottlenose Whales! They were active and surfacing often, giving us many opportunities to watch them. While observing them for a while we spotted a blow of a Humpback Whale about 800 meters away from us in the direction of Hjalteyri - we headed out to take a closer look and it was actually two individuals of Humpback whales - Jackson and Moonshine this time, calmly moving around us. We've seen them several times going for deeper dives with showing us their beautiful flukes. At the very end of the tour when we were already in the harbor of Akureyri we spotted one more whale - and it was a Humpback whale, most likely the same individual we’ve been seeing in past few days as he still didn’t show us his fluke. Hopefully at some point he will :-)

Pictures and text by: Ania Wójcik