Saturday, 8 September 2018

Do whales care if it is raining? No of course not! It was a little rainy in the morning but thankfully it cleared up throughout the day. Even with the rain the sea conditions were just perfect, completely flat and still. On all our tours not only did we mange to see the beautiful humpback whales, Montague, Jackson, Mariner and Jafar but we also managed to see the amazing northern bottle-nosed whales which came up beautifully in wonderful little clouds of blows. The whales weren't the only thing we got to see today, the fjord was also full of beautiful multi-coloured jelly fish. Next to that, we could also get a few glimpses of a rather shy minke whale. Another wonderful day to be out on the fjord. 

Text by Tess Hudson, pictures by Babsi Neubarth