Monday, 24 September 2018

Today we sailed out from Árskógssandur since the whales have been much further out in the fjord. That way it is a much shorter sail to the whales and we are able to spend more time with them. During the trip the wind already started picking up. After a 45 minute sail we saw a group of white beaked dolphins. These animals we only encounter when we go close towards the end of the fjord, we suspect they do not come further into the fjord because there is not enough prey available for them. When we were looking at the dolphins we spotted the blows of 3 different humpback whales in the area. One of them surfaced very close to us several times in a row. Unfortunately the wind had become so strong that we had to sail over very high waves. So the boat was rocking a lot and it was very difficult to move around. Because the conditions were so bad, we decided to turn back to the harbour and we were unfortunately also forced to cancel our afternoon tour.

Text Anouk de Plaa