Saturday, 22 September 2018

2018_04_30_0900_HOL_BABSI (42).JPG

In the words of house Stark, “Winter is Coming” the day started off with snow and a chilly wind, rendering the end of summer a distant memory. However, this did mean our lovely warm red overalls and blankets were put to very good use. Today it was a bit bumpy on the fjord nevertheless we did get to spot a few cetaceans including the very cute harbour porpoises and the streamlined minke whale, which we saw surface a few times before it went for a long dive. As many of our passengers were unable to get a good look at this whale we decided to hand out complimentary tickets to allow our passengers to once again try their luck at seeing the marvelous wildlife Iceland has to offer. Of which it has plenty so hopefully it won´t be long before they experience the magic of Eyjafjörður.

Text by Tess Hudson, picture by Babsi Neubarth