Wednesday, 22 August 2018


The day was cloudy but the sea conditions were perfect to enjoy our whales sightings. We went out at 9am and 13pm on our big catamaran Holmasol and at 17pm on our smaller and cozy boat, Konsull. Some passengers also got the chance to try an exciting experience on our rib boat, during the express tour at 10am and were able to see 15-20 different humpback whales! We had whales with us in all of our classic tours too: an humpback whale was spotted in the area around Houganes, and a minke whale and a humpback were also seen just after 25 minutes of sailing from Akureyri. We saw an old favorite called Depill who even pec slapped for us, showing us its beautiful fluke and long pectoral flipper as it did so. What a marvelous day to be out on the fjord! 

Text by Annalisa & Tess and pictures by Tess Hudson