Sunday, 19 August 2018

Another unexpected sunny and warm day for our Icelandic summer today! A little breeze was blowing in the morning but the afternoon has delighted us with Beaufort zero and an unbelievable flat mirror sea. And today again it has been a day full of whales. At least 5 humpback whales were happily swimming, diving and feeding in the area next to Hrisey, and we easily found out the reason on our fish finder on board: a big concentration of fish was detected between 35 and 50 meters of depth. We easily recognized some of them: one was our very well known Depill, who was missing from the fjord in the last weeks and we are so glad for its returning. We found again also Harley Dafinson and another individual that we are regularly seeing since a couple of days and that we decided to name after the great Aretha Frank(f)in!:)


Text and Pictures by Annalisa Sambolino