Friday, 10 August 2018

We sailed out with flat seas and a lot of fog, posing a bit of a challenge for our whale spotting skills. Luckily the fog started lifting quickly, however, some mist banks remained throughout the day making the day quite chilly.
During our morning tour we encountered a Minke whale close to Hjalteri. Normally Minke whales can be shy and swim away quickly, this animal however was quite relaxed, swimming around the boat giving us very good sightings of it.
In the afternoon we had to sail quite a bit further out and passed the island of Hrisey before we encountered two humpback whales. Whenever one humpback whale went down the other one came back up to the surface. So we were lucky and managed to see the whales and their beautiful tails many times despite the short time we were able to spend with them.

Text by Anouk de Plaa, pictures by Tess Hudson