Friday, 6 July 2018

We sailed out with sunny and calm conditions during the morning but during the afternoon the wind picked up a bit causing high and long swells. After about 20 minutes sailing we encountered a Minke whale. This is a smaller type of baleen whale that we encounter regularly in the fjord, they tend to be quite shy and move away quickly. The Minke whale that we encountered today was quite calm surfacing close to the boat multiple times.
After this encounter we had to sail out quite far, almost to the island Hrisey until we encountered a humpback whale. The animal seemed to be resting, drifting just below the surface and moving very slowly. In the afternoon we encountered Jackson a humpback whale we know very well. First Jackson was travelling but after a while it changed it behaviour and seemed to be feeding. During all tours we saw large flocks of Artic terns feeding on the fish in the Fjord.

Text and pictures by Anouk de Plaa