Saturday, 21 July 2019

Today has been another successful whale watching day, keeping our 100% of sightings success since the beginning of May! Of course we have to thank our humpback whales that never disappoint us, sticking around the fjord during all the summer :) Today we were around Hrisey when we spotted two humpbacks, but far in the distance we noticed the blows of more of them, for sure many of them were in that feeding area! The two we approached showed such an good confidence and gave us some amazing close sightings that we could not wish better: one of them even passed close under the boat. They are two new individuals that we are seeing in these days, but we already found a name for one of them: he got a weird pattern on the fluke that really has the shape of a Minion, so we think this is definitely a perfect name for him (or her)!


Text by Annalisa Sambolino, Pictures by Ramona Mattmueller (and thanks to Gonçalo for his support!)