Monday, 4 June 2018

Many great trips today, with 3 different humpback whales hanging out in our fjord. And big surprise when our new friend, the humpback whale that just arrived yesterday in Eyjafjörður, decided to say hello breaching in front of our boat. Not only once, but so many times that we could not even count them! It looks like a young individual, that could perform this incredibly acrobatics just for fun or to call the attention of the other whales in the area. Another valid reason could also be that he was just trying to take off some annoying parasites from his skin, smashing on the surface of the water. But still, he was just alike a beautiful and graceful dancer (Check out the pictures to see the sequence of two of the breaches;)). The beauty of working and dealing every day with wild creatures is that you can never get bored, something unexpected can happen in any moment!

Text and pictures by Annalisa Sambolino