Friday, 29 June 2018

We sailed out in very smooth conditions, it was sunny and there was almost no wind. After a 30 minute sail we encountered a Minke Whale. This is a smaller type of baleen whale that we encounter quite regularly in the fjord. It was very calm and surfaced many times close to the boat.
After the encounter with the Minke whale we had to make quite the trip further out into our beautiful Eyjafjord to find humpback whales. We encountered them close to the island Hrisey where we saw the blows of 4 humpbacks whale of which we saw two up close. Due to the humpback whales being so far our tours lasted a bit longer then normal today.
On the rib boat tours the passengers were treated to a good show of one of our favorite whales called Jackson. Jackson was feeling very active today, jumping and flipper slapping.

Text Anouk de Plaa and pictures Anna Gunnarsdottir