Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Such an amazing day for sailing and watching whales! Today in the morning we found three different humpback whales and one minke whale before reaching the area around Hjalteyri. The mirror sea and the encounter with these gentle and beautiful giants created real magical moments, as described by one of our clients in the morning trip. I love our trips on Konsull, the smallest of our "classic" boats, that assures very close sightings and a familiar atmosphere. In the rest of the tours we could not find the minke whale again but we enjoyed the company of our old friend Jackson. This whale looks like feeling very comfortable with our presence. Sadly the northern bottlenose whales were not seen anymore, so they probably left the fjord, but it has been so incredible to see these rare and interesting whales around in the last two days!

Text and pictures by Annalisa Sambolino