Tuesday, 19 June 2018

What a whaletastic day! The wind had calmed down from the previous day making conditions much more comfortable. The day started off beautifully with 8 different humpback whales. Three of which were travelling together and came very close to the boat which was just exceptional. Some were taking long dives while others stayed close to the surface allowing us to see their beautiful bodies. On our one o´clock tour Jackson and friends delighted us with some very close surfacing and even came over to check us out and then just chilled alongside us for quite some time. The rest of the days tours followed suit and we had many whales surfacing all the way around the boat and even had four whales travelling together! But we did not just have whales today but huge flocks of feeding seabird too, including arctic terns, northern fulmar, kittiwakes and black headed gulls. Just another amazing day in Eyjafjörður. 

Pictures and text by Tess Hudson