Saturday, 5 May 2018

This morning we left the port of Árskógssandur where the ship Hafsúla was docked. The wind was strong but the sea conditions were still good. We headed towards the southern tip of the island of Hrísey. There we found a humpback whale. The humpback named Victoria which was last seen in the waters of the fjord yesterday. We stayed with her for a little while and then streamed towards the port Akureyri. This afternoon, the wind was still strong when we left the port of Akureyri and we were chased by a curtain of snowy fog. We won the race against the snow and the wind finally dropped. The captain decided to head towards the island of Hrísey again, where Victoria was spotted earlier in the miorning...and there she was! Similarly to this morning and yesterday, the humpback whale was actively feeding in the area south of the island and provided us with some first class fluking in the sunshine. The ship stayed with the whale about 45min until it was time to head back to port. Some cute porpoises were quickly spotted on the way back.

Photos by Babsi Neubarth and text by Liza Roger