Wednesday, 02 May 2018

The sea was very calm today, overcast sky and very little wind. Perfect whale watching conditions! We first saw a minke whale about 10 min out of the harbour. It was changing directions quite a lot and popped up behind us. Surprise! As we streamed a little further we came across a humpback whale. It did a few shallow dives before going off to the deep. Our third encounter of the day was a small pod of 6-8 shy harbour porpoise. The size difference between the whales and the porpoise is rather impressive. Try comparing a human to an elephant and you are close... Lucky last, we came across the humpback whale we saw earlier, about 1km away from Akureyri harbour. So nice to see us off! No flukes today but some very good encounters and a great morning on the water!

Photos by Babsi Neubarth and text by Liza Roger.