Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Text by Annalisa Sambolino, pictures by Megan Whittaker

Today it has been a very special day. The morning was a bit windy but it started with a rare sighting of an harbour seal, incredibly close to the boat. Our passengers in their comfy overalls, outside on the bridge, could admire it swimming around for a while before it went down and disappeared in the deep water. Heading further out the wind decreased and just after few minutes we spotted the first humpback whale of the day! Taking pictures of the dorsal fin we could identify it as Fin K(ardashian), a whale we identified for the first time just few days ago. In the afternoon the sea conditions turned even better and our beautiful fjord was so calm that the water looked like a mirror. Many harbour porpoises showed up, as it was so easy to spot them, with many arctic terns flying all over and feeding with them. Sailing on this flat sea we met Fin K(ardashian) again, this time he/she was sleeping, logging at the surface, it was very hard to spot the humpback, just a small part of the back above the surface that we accidentally woke her/him up, after a 2- 3 min it surfaced and started to approach us, swimming all around the boat and observing us with curiosity from its big eyes on the sides. The pictures and the words can not properly describe the incredible emotions this encounter gave to us! Later on, the perfect sea conditions allowed us to have a great sighting of a minke whale and of another humpback whale, a new individual we could not find in our catalogue and that we will name after one of our passengers: Wolfgang.